Little Shop Of Horas - Listen

Little Shop Of Horas - Listen

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(2008) Inaugural Gala - City of Boston - Rose Kennedy Memorial Greenway (Boston, MA, USA)
(sponsored by the New Center for Arts and Culture)

(2009) Jewish Culture Festival - Temple Anshe Amunim (Pittsfield, MA, USA)

(2010) Villa Leon - World Music/Klezmer Concert Series (Nuernberg, Germany)

(2010) Festival of Eastern European Culture (Donauworth, Germany)

(2010) Cafe Brazil (Erbach, Germany)

(2010) Jewish Culture Festival - Gasteig (Black Box) (Munich, Germany)

(2010) Noergelbuff Club (Goettingen, Germany)

(2010) Festival of a Thousand Tones - Parktheater (Augsburg, Germany)

(2010) Juedische Museum (Goppingen, Germany)

(2010) Synagoge Ichenhausen (Ichenhausen, Germany)

(2011) North Quabbin Arts Festival (Orange, MA, USA)

(2012) Abundance Farm Festival (Northampton, MA, USA)

(2012) Absberger Werkstätten (Absberg, Germany)

(2012) KulturKreisKneipe Hauptstraße 46b (Haimhausen, Germany))

(2012) Festival der 1000 Töne - Augsburg Synagoge (Augsburg, Germany)

(2012) Klezmernacht: Mesinke + Little Shop of Horas at Synagogue Ichenhausen (Ichenhausen, Germany)

(2012) Cafe Brazil (Ehrbach, Germany)

(2012) Klezmer Workshop with Alexander Maier (clarinet), Brian Bender (piano, trombone), Charles Rappoport (violin) -
KlezMORE Festival (Vienna, Austria)

(2012) KlezMORE Festival - Reigen Club (Vienna, Austria)

(2013) Abundance Farm Festival (Northampton, MA, USA)

(2014) Klezmer Baarn Festival (Baarn, Netherlands)

(2014) Klezmernacht (Bremen, Germany)

(2014) Pasinger Fabrik (Munich, Germany)

(2014) Franz K. (Reutlingen, Germany)

(2014) Kulturzentrum Betzigau (Betzigau, Germany)

(2014) Juedishces Museum Jebenhausen (Goeppingen, Germany)

(2014) Burgthanner Burg (Burgthann, Germany)

(2014) Festival Bamberger Klezmertage (Bamberg, Germany)

(2015) Abundance Farm Festival (Northampton, MA, USA)

(2017) Iron Horse Music Hall (Northampton, MA, USA)

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